Down Periscope

The use of Periscope during Mayweather v Pacquiano raises interesting questions

Periscope is a streaming media app owned by Twitter. A consumer, with the Periscope app installed on their smart phone or tablet, can use their camera to film something and send a live stream of what they are filming over the web. The integration with Twitter means that a user’s Twitter followers are notified of the live stream, and can click through to it directly from Twitter.

On Saturday night, boxing fans in the live audience for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas were using the app to send live streams of the event out over the web to their Twitter followers. Dick Costello – CEO of Twitter –rather foolishly declared Periscope the ‘winner’ of the fight, incurring the wrath of the rights holders for seemingly endorsing piracy. more “Down Periscope”

The White Elephant of Mobile

I’m never more than a few inches away from it and like most people, I play with mine all the time. Despite this level of intimacy with our mobiles, our functional use of them has not developed at such a pace. Sure we take a few snaps and videos, but the content of these is typically personal. If you’ve ever skimmed through your mobile the morning after a boozy session, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Frankly however, I’d be more surprised if I found an episode of Lost or 24 on my mobile, than a video with what looks like my mates auditioning for Wayne Rooney’s wedding reception. Sure I was tipsy, but what on earth would have possessed me to download that over the network last night?!

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Mobile is Dead, Long Live Mobile

From Walley On Media – NMA July 2nd .

Did you know that a Yeti is a form of cryptid – ‘an animal ‘whose existence has been reported but not proven’? This is my word of the week. I use it all the time now to describe mobile TV – a new media format whose existence has continually been reported but never proven.

Many cryptids go on to be proven. The Okapi for instance, but I am not sure that mobile TV ever will. One of the problems with proving it is, of course, defining it. With Okapis it was simple – half zebra half giraffe. No messing around. You ask two new media type to define mobile TV and you get 3 different answers depending what bits of kit they have in their pockets. Most people asking, I think, are referring to the streamed and download services offered by the mobile networks – like Sky TV on my Vodafone service. Well, I tried to watch cricket on my phone once via this service. There was definitely something on the screen but I am not sure that I could call it telly.

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