Intro To TV Tech

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About TV Tech (but were too afraid to ask)…

A workshop session aimed at new joiners to TV from other industries; recent grads, and anyone harbouring secret concerns about their tech literacy in TV. The emphasis in the session is on ‘jargon busting’ and simplification of complex tech for normal TV people.

Some intro tech definitions (and why they matter):
• Analogue vs digital (with a particular nod to TV and broadcast)
• The internet vs the web (with a bit of beginners blockchain thrown in).
• Overview of performance metrics (and why we care).

Basic content and service definitions used in the TV industry and the tech jargon used to describe them:
• From linear advertising to addressable TV (formats & definitions)
• Platform definitions (traditional through to cloud only)
• BVOD vs SVOD vs on demand vs OTT
• Addressable TV vs Programmatic TV

The session includes take home notes intended for people to stuff in their desk drawer and refer to when they need them!