AddressableTV & The Future TV Advertising Landscape

Next Advertising Workshop Date To Be Confirmed

Convergence with web and social media ad-technology is redefining our idea of ‘television advertising’. This newly configured webinar and workshop is delivered as combination of pre-recorded videos, course documents and interactive online Q&A. 

What Does The Session Do?

It examines the evolution of TV advertising in a new data-rich, addressable world. The session combines live demos of key services, Decipher insight & research and discussion on the key trends affecting TV advertising. It will address:

– Key concepts, acronyms, jargon and tech descriptions of ad tech and its terminology.

– How do we define ‘addressability’ in TV and how does that fit with normal web definitions.

– Who can deliver ‘addressable’ formats and what are the players currently doing about it

– Current state of play in addressable TV infrastructure – ‘who’s doing what?’

– What data sets are available to deliver addressability and who controls them

– Development trends in addressable TV

For each workshop, participants will get access to two hour-long, pre-recorded webinars one week before the discussion day including Decipher’s latest market insight into their adoption, use and potential long term impact.

On the day, there will be a third, live Q&A session with Nigel Walley, Decipher MD, delivered via Microsoft Teams. The live session will also be recorded and uploaded for participants.

Who is it for?

– Advertising & Media Agency Planners
– Client-side Media personnel
– Media Sales House team members
– Market intelligence, insight and research teams

Next Advertising Workshop Date To Be Confirmed