Summer 2022 – TV Platform Reviews

Summer 2022 – TV Platforms Review

Friday 9th September 2022 – Cost £195  = Click Here For Booking Details

This newly configured webinar and workshop is delivered as combination of pre-recorded videos, course documents and interactive online Q&A. It is aimed at decision makers in product strategy and distribution, marketing strategy. for TV channels, production companies and TV creatives.  It can be formulated to work for TV platforms, broadcasters, content creators and agencies.

What Does The Session Do?

The sessions address the changing device, service and content landscape in the converged TV and video industry event will be looking at key strategic changes to the UK and European TV industry; demoing new TV technologies and services while exploring 2022’s big questions:

  • What new devices and services have been announced by the big tech companies and what impact will they have? (This will include a look at Sky Glass Virgin’s all IP  ‘Stream’).
  • What does Amazon, Google and Apple’s activity in the US tell us about their European plans.
  • How is the rollout of the recent SVOD services appearing in UK consumers’ homes?
  • What is the impact of the Smart home devices and services on TV and how far will the integration go?
  • How do new FAST channels fit into the mix?
  • How is the evolution of audio, AI & voice continuing as new systems begin to integrate with traditional players?
  • How do UK/EU platforms respond and can they all survive?

The workshop will include live demonstrations of new services, devices and functionality and include Decipher’s latest market insight into their adoption, use and potential long term impact.

What You Will See

For each workshop, participants will get access to an hour-long, pre-recorded webinar one week before the discussion day. These will include demos of the major UK TV platforms, devices and services plus new platforms arriving soon such as:

  • Updates on UK platforms such as SkyGlass (as well as SkyQ), Virgin ‘Stream’, Youview, Freeview Play  & Freesat
  • New TV devices and services from Roku / Android TV / Amazon Fire TV
  • Smart TVs from LG, Samsung and Sony with new software and voice integration
  • FAST Channnels from Samsung, Amazon, LG
  • Voice demos from Amazon Echo / Google Home / Apple Homepod and Samsung

On the day, there will be a live Q&A session with Nigel Walley, Decipher MD, delivered via Microsoft Teams.

Who is it for?

– TV strategy or product development teams
– Market intelligence, insight and research teams
– Programme commissioning, planning, scheduling or catalogue management
– Ad sales
– Ad agencies


Friday 9th September 2022 – Cost £195  = Click Here For Booking Details