What ‘Integration’ Means For TV

By Lloyd Mason – November 2011

We’ve been having a long hard think about how increasing interconnectivity of devices in and out of the home wouldn’t improve day to day TV consumption – in summary, we’re drawing blanks.

Connecting the gadgets in your home has never been the most attractive of tasks. It something that should be left to the techies and if you fancied giving it a go, inevitably you’d need the IT department round halfway through to untangle the mess. However, life as we know has changed, and integration is no longer something to shy away from.

Driven initially by the device manufacturers, particularly Sony, Samsung and LG, all our TV related devices – screens, Blu-ray Players and remotes – are starting to talk to one another. What’s more, they’re bringing other pieces of tech into the fold such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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