Season’s Greetings from Decipher and iBurbia Studios!

We all wish we could have a living room like iBurbia, but it might require slightly exceeding your Christmas budget. So we’ve had a think and come up with our top five Decipher and iBurbia recommendations for your 2012 prezzie list!

Image1. View 21 Freeview Box – The Box with the Clever App

Why? – A Freeview box with great connectivity through its companion iPad app, allowing you to watch broadcast TV using one of the box’s tuners simultaneously with someone else watching a different channel on the TV, as well as streaming recorded shows from the PVR to the iPad.

2. YouView and Freesat+ – The Free to Air Champs

Freesat and Youview

Why? – Depending what you have on your roof, Aerial or Satellite Dish, these two set-top-boxes both provide a great subscription-free TV service. Some intuitive backwards EPG action and PVR functionality also makes them easy to use for those looking for clarity in an increasingly complicated smart TV world. These next-generation boxes will continue to evolve throughout 2013, in particular some really exciting companion apps and feature updates.

3. Apple TV – Connectivity King


Why? – Apple TV has recently come to light as a great accessory device due to its impressive connectivity to other devices in the home. It links seamlessly to devices in the Apple product ecosystem which is the first really compelling home network solution. Working with other products such as the Apple iPad and iPhone, Apple’s AirPlay allows for streaming of content and mirroring of your portable’s display as well as accessing your PC or Mac home computers wirelessly to access your access your media library on the  TV.

4. Blinkbox Account –  Future-proof On Demand


Why? – One of the UK’s leading on-demand movie streaming service, Blinkbox provides buy and rent options from a large selection of the latest movies and TV shows. In addition, when you buy a DVD that is part of the Blinkbox scheme you get a digital copy that you can then access on any device with the Blinkbox app!

5. Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone – The Xbox Companion


Why? –  For those who already have an Xbox 360 console the Lumia Windows Phone makes a great companion device, syncing seamlessly with the Xbox using the Smartglass app to control, discover and interact with content on the 360.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Decipher and iBurbia!

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